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Album: N/A (2011)

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Hardcore/metal band from Slovenija, Central Europe!
he idea of UNTIL DEATH started in Germany, back in 2006, where Darko (Through it all) lived for over 28 years.
After his return to Slovenia he started to form UD together. He quickly found Ales who
joined the crew in november 2008. In 2009, Luka (Curse Of Instinct, Happy Ol McWeasel) jumped in
and they quickly started making some break-fuckin-downing songs. They still needed a singer, so MBHC veteran Gregor (Reject, Payback)
let his throat growl for UD. Later in 2009 Igor and his bass joined so finally the
band was complete. In 2011 Miha (Reject, Payback) replaced Igor.

We play hard&loud. We like crazy mosh pits and feel the agression and power
of the music. Through it we are trying to reflect the present situation
in society, all the fucked up things that are going on, all the suffering of modern man,
who is desperately trying to survive in this screwed up system. We are all in this
mess together... So we'd like to share our thoughts with all of you out there and put
out all kinds of energy during the concerts!

Never surrender, never give up and fight back all the fucktards!